And The ARIA Goes To…


A recent business deal between the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) and YouTube has allowed archival footage of the ARIA Awards to be released into the wild.

And you know what that means…? We get to see some appearances from our favourite friends!

1993 – Santo Cilauro, Jane Kennedy and Tom Gleisner present Best Group.

1995 – Tony Martin and Mick Molloy (with D-Genner Michael Veitch) share a lift with TISM.

1996 – Tony Martin and Mick Molloy win Best Comedy Release for The Brown Album.

1996 – Tony Martin and Mick Molloy losing out on Highest Selling Album.

1997 – Tony Martin and Mick Molloy win Best Comedy Release for Poop Chute.

At the time of this post, the 1999 clip of Martin/Molloy winning Best Comedy Release of Eat Your Peas, but we will share it when it becomes available.

The channel is constantly updated, so head to TheARIAOfficial and subscribe.

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