Happy Birthday Bargearse!

Today (26/5/12) marked  Detective Sargeant Bargearse‘s 84th birthday.

Well, kind of.

It was the great, late actor Leo “Lucky” Grills who played Detective Sargeant ‘Bluey’ Hills in the Channel 7 drama production Bluey from 1976 to 1977. Bluey wasn’t your typical detective. What made him unique was that he drank, ate, smoked and did all the sleazy stuff – which made the character the perfect piss-take for The Late Show.

Bargearse was made up of spliced scenes from Bluey, dubbed by The Late Show cast and crew, telling the story of Detective Sargeant Bargearse who solves crimes by eating and farting his way to victory. It was 100% toilet humour which was played in 10 parts during the second season of The Late Show – successor to The Olden Days in Season One. (More on The Olden Days in future posts.)

Bargearse was that popular, it is generally quoted this very day by dedicated fans, such as yourself (Yes, you’re a fan, because you wouldn’t be at this site if you weren’t!)

Years ago, Tony Martin had released Bargearse on VHS, and fought long and hard to get the DVD release in 2007 (along with The Olden Days). Two days before the release, Lucky Grills passed away in his sleep in Queensland, aged 79. To celebrate Lucky’s 84th birthday (and 5 years since the DVD release), we hit the Twittersphere and invited Bargearse fans to watch their DVD or VHS copy at 6pm AEST, and quote the show using the hashtag #Bargearse as much as possible.

The result:

Number One on the Australian Twitter Trends.

That’s an epic thing to happen. Especially when it isn’t Bieber or 1 Direction related. Facing stiff competition against Eurovision on SBS and the footy, it’s fantastic to see that Bargearse still has a warm dutch oven ready in everyone.

The trend lasted on and off for about 2 hours, but for what it was worth, lots of laughter and memories were had.

#Bargearse trend listing here.

If you still don’t have a copy of Bargearse & The Olden Days on DVD, you can purchase at any quality DVD store. It’s worth your 8 & 1/2 cents a day.


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