Tony Martin on Late O’Clock With Rob Hunter

"French Chicks In The Nuddy II - The Search For Bum Nuggets"

Everyone’s favourite nerdy Comedian Tony Martin graced the brown velour desk for Late O’Clock With Rob Hunter  starring Comedian Rob Hunter.

Rob Hunter is a comedian and writer who began his career in Adelaide eventually moving himself to comedian capital of Australia –  Melbourne.

A wealth of experience behind him, Rob has performed stand-up all around Australia and the UK and has written for various radio and TV shows including Spicks And Specks (ABC), Rove (TEN), The Comedy Hour (ABC Radio) and You’re Skitting Me (ABC3).

Lifted directly from Rob Hunter’s site:

Late O’Clock is Rob’s horrifyingly awkward talk show. The interviews are a bit like those conducted by Shaun Micallef, Andy Kaufman, Zach Galifianakis and anyone else who has ever been a butthole to a guest.

Rob started writing questions in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2010 that someone agreed to be a guest on his show. That guest was television’s Lehmo and the interview can be seen on Rob’s Youtube channel along with other interviews.

Rob also performs the show live with his friend Luke McGregor at various comedy festivals. The show was first performed at the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and quickly became a hit, with guests including Charlie Pickering, Wil Anderson, Greg Fleet, Tom Gleeson, Eddie Ifft and DeAnne Smith.

In this recent interview, Rob nearly goes on a slinging match with Tony, with a few minor stabs at Tony’s film Bad Eggs, as well as a script read and newspaper fwapping. (No wet ones)

Check out Rob’s other interviews on his YouTube channel.

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