Remembering: Impressions of Rob Sitch

Over the two seasons, Rob Sitch has played many characters, such as Graham from Graham & The Colonel, the egotistical chauvinistic character in the dinner party sketches, Gavin Oz from The Oz Brothers and more.

But he’s well-known (and stated by Santo Cilauro on the show) that he is the master of disguises. His first impression was 1992 US Presidential candidate Ross Perot, being interviewed by Tom Gleisner behind The Late Show News Desk.

As the show went on, Rob’s impressions improved, and even generated well-coined quotes that are remembered (and occasionally used) to this day. Most of the impressions rotated around the News Desk.

Dovetail: Who was the person Rob impersonated the most? Bruce McAvaney at a tally of 6 appearances.


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    This is amazing!! I think some sort of t-shirt is in order.

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