Any Questions For Ben? Getting Social

Source: Twitter @AnyQsForBen

Have you hopped onto the Twitter and Facebook bandwagon yet?

If not – why are you on the internet?

Social media is a strong, powerful tool which allows the general public to interact with each other and express thoughts, opinions and discussions about anything at all. You can even interact with your favourite actor, musician or any other person you want to (as long as they’re willing to do the same – no stalking!!). Heck, this site, other than the infamous forum, we’re on Facebook and Twitter as well.

The beauty of this is that you can get more information about your favourite TV show and/or film nearly instantly. Even speaking with the staff who work on the set. Working Dog‘s film Any Questions For Ben? have done just that – putting themselves up on Twitter and Facebook. (Click the hyperlink to be directed there). Why not follow / like them so you can see what they’re up to? They’ve been currently posting photos of premieres and interviews, updating every few minutes.

Here’s a few pictures from the @AnyQsForBen account.

Get on it!

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