Returning in 2019: HYBPA? and Utopia

A great way to wrap up the end of 2018 after a whirlwind and jam-packed year for Working Dog, the announcements over the last couple of weeks are our favourite shows are returning for 2019.

Announced shy of a month ago, after CBS (owners of Channel 10) announced that they bought the international rights to the funny quiz show Have You Been Paying Attention?,  the announcement of Tom GleisnerEd Kavalee, and Sam Pang will return for a seventh season in 2019.

Recently at ABC’s Upfronts – where a presentation on what is coming to the Broadcasting Corporation the following year, it was announced that the tongue-in-cheek and scarily realistic view of a government body Utopia starring Rob Sitch is returning for a fourth season.

Congratulations Working Dog – we’re all looking forward to many more laughs in 2019!

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