Vale “Dr” Aaron Beaucaire

RIP Doctor.

Aaron Beaucaire, or “Doctor” Aaron Beaucaire – according to a Muckraking segment based on violence, passed away late August.

Beaucaire was popular with The Late Show fans. Known for his over-the-top explosions and special effects on the show, he was also considered “The Fifth Beatle” when props man Alf Camilleri* wasn’t around (but the fans loved them both equally).

..or.. the “Terry Gilliam” of the group, which stemmed from his American accent and similar appearance in the looks department.

But Beaucaire’s credits weren’t limited to just The Late Show. Other credits include Funky Squad, The Castle, Shonky Golf With Mick Molloy (A series of sketches that appeared on The Mick Molloy Show and got a full DVD release), Bad Eggs, Welcher and Welcher and many other projects. See the full list of Aaron’s work here.

While it is not possible to cover every angle of his work on The Late Show, this video introduction of the VHS release of The Devil At Your Heels shown in 1993, sums up his work just about perfectly.

If you own the Champagne Edition Late Show DVDs (of course you do!), switch to Disc 1, turn on Commentary and start from Volume 2 – Track 21 – Muckraking: TV Violence. Aaron ‘phones it in’ for the commentary, talking about his various stunts and effects he had set up with Shitscared and other sketches, with hilarious results.

A true legend. Deadset legend.

Thank you for the shocks, laughs and explosions, Doctor. You truly were the doyen of the special effects industry.


* The dear Alf Camilleri passed away in 2007. Unfortunately the blog part of this site was not active at the time to publish an article, however he was remembered in the CC Forums.

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