Top or Frontbottom?

How odd…

Top and Bottom lists that rank the topic of discussion can be entertaining and compelling at the same time. While there are no thorough and correct answers (unless a registered survey or census has been performed), many listings are usually done by matter of opinion, and with the odd listener / reader / viewer interaction.

In the last few weeks, three lists have come across the dodgy news desk:

3AW’s Best and Worst Australian Comedy Films.

A semi-decent list, containing a few films that the Working Dog crew make reference to in some previous sketches, and including their own entry: The Castle – all in the Best part of the list.

Then there’s nothing.

Not even anything in the Worst list.

Where’s The Dish, Any Questions For Ben?, Crackerjack, Bad Eggs, Boytown ..? (or even Guru Wayne?)

Now to list number two:

SMH / The Age’s The A-list: the top 25 shows of the past 25 years.

Now this is an impressive list to put together. If you followed Tony Martin on his old radio show Get This, you’ll know half the shows he’s mentioned appear. Once you read all 25 shows, you’ll notice only ONE show from Working Dog appears, and it is well deserved. But, there’s ONE vitally important show that didn’t make it in the Top 25, but was mentioned in the ‘Honourable Mentions” category, along with two other shows made by Working Dog / D-Generation.

No spoilers here… just click and read.

Which brings us to the final list so far:

News Ltd’s Top 10 TV show fails of all time.

Nine out of the ten listed are pretty damn accurate, but the clincher at the bottom is a little bit astounding: The Mick Molloy Show. While it wasn’t to everyone’s cup of tea, it wasn’t suited for Channel 9’s audience, who just wanted to watch The Pretender or a repeat of The Commish (bet you read that in your head with Pete Smith’s voice, right?).

There were other just-as-bad-or-worse shows that didn’t make the cut on there. Doug Mulray’s Naughtiest Home Videos is a prime example. What about David Tench Tonight, The Comedy Sale, Let Loose Live, The Wedge, Are You Being Served Down Under?… you get the idea.

Yeah, we may be a bit biased, but it made us think: you can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you try. Time to sink the slipper!

What are your thoughts?

Should The Wog Boy been removed from 3AW’s list and The Dish put in there instead?

Funky Squad be on the fail list somewhere?

The D-Generation appear on the Top 25?

Feel free to leave a comment below, or in the infamous forum.

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