Rob Sitch briefly returns as  Mike Moore  for "Mental As". // ABC | Working Dog

Rob Sitch briefly returns as Mike Moore for “Mental As”. // ABC | Working Dog

To raise awareness of Mental Health, ABC TV broadcasted Friday Night Crack-Up - a live variety show on Friday 10 October 2014 at 8:30pm for “Mental Health Week” 5 – 12 October.

With various guests and stars from across entertainment and TV, a pre-recorded segment included Rob Sitch as his iconic mock Current Affairs character – Frontline‘s Mike Moore.

Coincidentally, it’s been 20 years since Frontline hit our screens it was originally shown on the ABC.

Where has he been? Moore explains less… err.. moore..

Even Working Dog staffer Ed Kavalee played a role as commentator for the show. Just as he was wrapping up his part of the show, there was a nice throwback in regards to a certain green blazer he was wearing.


Ed Kavalee as commentator on the mini-games during “Friday Night Crack-Up”. | ABC

If you missed the show, you can view it on iView until November 9.

Or you can watch the replay Saturday October 11 on ABC2 from 8:30pm.

For more info on Mental Health Week: visit
To donate:

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Behold! Another clipping!

Back in 1993, Santo Cilauro posed with his beloved 1987 Alfa Romeo 33 Boxer for The Australian Magazine (here’s the PDF).

“This car’s always full of junk,” he apologises, “because we film so many things ourselves on The Late Show. There’s an old street directory, for instance, that’s lost its middle pages. “That section between Maps 189 and 222 – I always just hope I don’t have to go there.”



“Alfas are notorious for having their badges stolen. Whenever I have to buy a replacement, I’m sure it’s the one that’s been stolen. At school they teach you about the cycles of the seasons. They should have a diagram for Alfa badges – this is the man who steals it, this is the man he gives it to, this is the man who sells it back to you … “

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I have rediscovered a treasure-trove of clippings from The Late Show days, kept in a folder for 21 whole years – because that’s what 16 and 17 year olds did back then, as we didn’t have the ability to scan them and put them on the internet. (We also photocopied them at the school library, in black and white, for distribution.) Old clippings, I release you from your stagnant dwelling! May future generations enjoy your revelations!

I’ll be uploading the gold to the site on a regular basis! Today’s installment is called “Well Suited” and stars Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro. Is it any wonder most of my friends had a crush on members of The Late Show cast back then?

Well-Suited: Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro

Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro in The Australian Good Weekend magazine, August  28 1993

Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro in The Australian Good Weekend magazine, August 28 1993


They met 12 years ago at the time of the 1981 Melbourne Law Revue when Rob was in the cast and Santo was making filmed segments for the show.
“I was trying to get things in focus,” says Santo, “while Rob was trying to crack on to my girlfriend. He didn’t succeed; she’s now my wife.”
During the years they’ve been friends, Rob and Santo have worked together constantly. “Looking back, we have been through some really tough times, but that has only strengthened our
friendship,” says Rob. They spend a lot of time together, even when they’re not at work.
What’s the best thing about your best friend? Santo: “The best thing about Rob? His ingenuity in
the most difficult situations.” Rob: “Most brilliant people develop a cynical streak. Santo doesn’t have that.” What’s worst about him? Santo: “His taste in music.”
Rob: “Santa can’t gossip accurately. The decimal point is never in the right place.”
How does he look in a suit? Santo: “Most of our working life is spent in a suit, and at the ABC the suits always seem to be beige. I prefer him in beige.”
Rob: “Italians have a big margin of error available to them. They look good in anything stylish. He looks better in a more classic cut.”
Santo is wearing a Hugo Boss navy pinstripe suit ($845), Hugo Boss cotton shirt ($139), belt by Boss ($119) and a Grieves and Hawkes silk tie ($99.95). Rob wears a Boss navy singlebreasted
suit ($695), a Hugo Boss cotton shirt ($99.50) and a Zegna silk tie ($109.50).

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While doing his regular hosting duties on Triple M Melbourne’s Hot Breakfast radio show with Eddie McGuire, Mick Molloy has a regular chat to Triple M Brisbane’s The Grill Team at after 8am weekdays. The conversations are usually having a chin-wag with Greg “Marto” Martin, Michelle Anderson and Ed Kavalee about the odd stories in the world and sport.

On Friday August 8 show, Kavalee touched on a bit of The Late Show history – probing the stories he’s been told from some of the cast. Molloy responded, with amusing results. It also could explain why there were a few episodes where Tony would actually look a bit miffed to explain where Mick was…

You can catch his regular segments as well as Kavalee and the crew on The Grill Team Brisbane on 104.5FM Triple M weekdays. Stream online or download the podcast.

You can also catch Mick on The Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire on 105.1FM Triple M Melbourne. Stream online or download the podcast.

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UtopiaRobSitchTime flies quickly..

As mentioned September last year, a new 8 part dramedy series from Working Dog is about to touch down on ABC.

Beginning Wednesday August 13 8:30pm on ABC, the teasers for Utopia are popping up. Headed by Rob Sitch, it appears the talent pool has been expanded with Celia PacquolaLuke MacGregor and Kitty Flanagan added to the cast.

Mark it in your diary now.

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Martin "Marty" Di Stasio, Brooke Vandenberg, Mike Moore

YouTubing their way on the information super-highway.

In a near-echoing statement to our previous report here, our favourite hard-hitting journalists Mike Moore, Brooke Vandenberg and Martin Di Stasio are now embracing YouTube – in full.

The multi Logie award winning satire show Frontline which Working Dog took an amusing look behind the scenes of current affairs TV in 3 x 13 episode seasons have been given the YouTube treatment, thanks to digital distributor Valleyarm.

That’s right – all 13 episodes, all legal.

Subscribe: Frontline YouTube

While you can still purchase the full 3 seasons on DVD, there may potentially be added extras coming to the YouTube channel.

Just like everything on the internet, just add “sex” and stir.

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The Late Show on YouTube now? Yas-sir!

The Late Show on YouTube now?

For years, you (and us) – the dedicated fan, have dealt with wearing out your VHS tapes of the Best Bits of The Late Show.

In 2001, the release of the Best Bits as Champagne Edition DVDs with added extras.

Then in 2007 Bargearse and The Olden Days received a release on DVD with even more extras and easter eggs.

But you’ve never had the opportunity to carry around your DVDs to show to your friends when you start randomly quoting a scene. Or you drive past Captain Cook’s Cabin, only to giggle because all you think of is Moorabbin, resulting in trying to explain to the uneducated what the connection was. Or you lent out your DVDs to friends, only to not get them back. Or you’re at a friend’s dinner party, trying to explain why you keep talking about Mount Everest.

DVD players aren’t the most accessible thing, but guess what?

You can now turn to the official YouTube channel of The Late Show for your Champagne sketch comedy needs!

No longer do you need to rely on poor quality video-dubbed transfers. The good people at Working Dog have joined forces with Valleyarm and MCN Melbourne to get our favourite moments onto the interwebs in high quality – enough for you to enjoy without blowing your bandwidth budget. If you look hard enough, you’ll see the full length and uncut Bargearse, The Olden Days and episodes of Charlie the Wonderdog.

Subscribe: The Late Show YouTube

Rumours are too that there may be other videos surfacing from the vault, so make sure you click the link above to subscribe for updates.

But wait – there’s more!!

The radio serial-turn-6 episode series starring Cassie, Grant, Stix and Poncho – aka the 1995 ABC show Funky Squad has made the way to the internets too!

Subscribe: Funky Squad YouTube

With all 6 full episodes at your own viewing peril, watch the crime-fighting team breaking down barriers and kick butt!

Make sure you still get the DVD – as there’s a bonus Funky Squad comic embedded within, viewable by PC/Mac.

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If you haven’t already heard, Santo, Tom and Rob have written a new satire called The Speechmaker which is making its debut on 31 May at Arts Centre, Melbourne. Do pop along if you are there! It runs until 5 July. And we’d love to hear what you thought of it by posting a review on the forum!

The plot, as described on the Melbourne Theatre Company website:

Air Force One is London-bound for a surprise Christmas meeting between the US President and the British PM. It will be a diplomatic coup, not to mention one hell of a media opportunity – a no-risk vote-winner for the price of a little jet fuel, and the chance for the Leader of the Free World to give the speech of a lifetime.

Yet with the seatbelt signs barely switched off, what appears to be a major international crisis begins to unfold. As the stakes rise and the clock ticks, the President and his advisors are forced to make some uncomfortable decisions. Boasting a stellar ensemble cast featuring Erik Thomson (Packed to the Rafters) as the President, as well as Offspring’s Lachy Hulme and Kat Stewart, The Speechmaker promises to be an exhilarating stage debut from one of this country’s most successful creative groups.

The Speechmaker poster

Here’s a video of Rob discussing great political speeches of our time on Melbourne’s 3AW talk radio.

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Eurovision! The Budget! There’s simply so much news to dissect this week. Thankfully, the Working Dog team are back on our screens to help us make sense of it all.
Have You Been Paying Attention? 9.30pm Monday, 19 May, Channel 10.

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Monday May 9, 1994 – the cathode ray tube of your 34 cm colour TV turns on and you fiddle with your rabbit ears antenna to view Channel 2 at 8 o’clock at night.

The reason?

After The Late Show chalked and wrapped up its second season in late 1993, The team that was The D-Generation split to do their own projects: Tony Martin and Mick Molloy did their own thing before venturing into the Austereo offices to form Martin/Molloy in 1995, Jason Stephens went behind the camera on various projects, and Jane Kennedy, Rob Sitch, Tom Gleisner & Santo Cilauro created Working Dog Productions to create a satirical dramedy 26 minute show that focused on behind / during the scenes of creating and developing a 30 minute current affairs show based on commercial TV – Frontline.

So who fronted the fake show?

Martin "Marty" Di Stasio, Brooke Vandenberg, Mike Moore

Martin “Marty” Di Stasio, Brooke Vandenberg, Mike Moore

Mike Moore (played by Rob Sitch): The anchor who is quite self-centred and dim-witted without even realising it. He takes his career seriously, while others make a mockery out of him behind (and sometimes in front) of his back. Moore has the hallmarks of well known anchors of current affairs shows in the 1990s – without stating the obvious hairstyle is based upon – and believes he’s firm and fair. Very lovable.

Brooke Vandenberg (played by Jane Kennedy): A highly popular reporter on Frontline who also is in place for the anchor baton to be passed onto. While hitting the ground hard with investigative journalism, Vandenberg seeks the spotlight as much as possible, while fueling her ego. She finds Moore repulsive and also loves to party. Just not the consequences afterwards.

Martin Di Stasio (played by Tiriel Mora): A senior reporter who while loves his job, sometimes does not give a shit about everything else and is more often laid back and does not hesitate signing a deal. Di Stasio usually goes for the softer, sympathetic tear-jerker stories.

There are so many secondary characters to mention – so here’s a brief list (not all, though):

Emma Ward (Alison Whyte): Line Producer for Frontline.
Kate Preston (Trudy Hellier): Segment Producer for Frontline.
Geoffrey Salter (Santo Cilauro): Weatherman for the TV network and Mike Moore’s best friend.
Brian Thompson (Bruno Lawrence): Frontline Executive Producer in Season 1. Unfortunately Lawrence died of lung cancer between Seasons 1 and 2, so the Thompson character was written out as being ‘fired’ off-screen.
Sam Murphy (Kevin J Wilson): Executive Producer who is hired after Brian is ‘fired’ for Season 2.
Graeme Prowse (Steve Bisley): Executive Producer who is hired after Sam retires for Season 3.
Stu O’Hallaran (Pip Mushin): Frontline’s main cameraman who is always on the road filming Brooke and Marty. Constantly taking the piss out of Mike.

Each episode covered various topics and themes, from handling sensitive taboo topics to how an actual story is put together, coming down to how a reporter show themselves in the episode. The visuals of the episodes were in two different styles: the ‘realism’ part where it seems you’re eavesdropping with the characters were shot with hand-held Hi-8 camcorders, while the actual ‘Frontline‘ in-show episode and segments were shot in broadcast quality.

Various guest stars have ranged from Ugly Dave Gray and Bert Newton playing themselves, to Harry Shearer playing a Consultant to change the image of the show. Even Tony Martin and Mick Molloy made cameos as each other but with roles reversed (Martin as Molloy and Molloy as Martin) as their radio personalities Martin/Molloy in the 90s.

After two successful seasons on the ABC from 1994 to 1995, Channel 7 bought the rights with the third season shown in 1997.

Recently Santo Cilauro expressed his thoughts of the success of the show with the 20 year anniversary.

It really makes us feel old. Especially you still feel young because you’re writing stuff and I still, in a strange way, feel that I’m writing like what I was writing in my university days like in our revues. The platform just gets bigger and bigger. When we’re told, all of a sudden we get this reality check and realise it was a really long time ago. But everyone gets old!

Thoughts on Frontline becoming part of school education curriculum:

Kind of weird. I was kind of surprised. It really shocked me when a friend of mine from Sydney said that their daughter was doing Frontline at school, and I was “Oh, Sydney as well?”. She said “Can my daughter talk to you?” as she was doing some kind of test on it. I said “Sure!”, then she said “Look, the question is about ‘Sexual Politics In The Office Place'” … and I’m sitting there going “When I wrote that – when we wrote that, the thing about gender issues was so not in our minds.” So it’s funny how things take on their own life. You write them in a particular way – The Castle gets seen, written up as some kind of a metaphor for Aboriginal land rights. And I’m thinking ‘I’m glad you think that, but that’s not how it was written!” – so same with Frontline. Sometimes too much gets put on it. It was just intended to be a comedy.

We were going to set it in a radio station, to tell you the truth, when we were first going to write it. That was one possibility. We just thought ‘Let’s set it in Current Affairs!’. So people can think and make of it what they will.

A Frontline Annual which was filled with tidbits and scripts was released, as well as a handful of episodes on VHS. Eventually all three seasons of Frontline made their way on DVD. Sadly, no extra special features. However, on one of the VHS tapes, Behind The Frontline documentary is featured.

Frontline won five Logie Awards:

* Most Outstanding Achievement in Comedy – 1995
* Most Outstanding Achievement in Comedy – 1996
* Most Outstanding Actress – Alison Whyte – 1997
* Most Outstanding Series – 1998
* Most Outstanding Achievement in Comedy – 1998

.. and the team soaked it up…

Congratulations Working Dog on the anniversary!

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