Jan 25

Tony Martin as FM104 “The Writer”

Thanks to Michael Coles for sharing this.

It’s well spoken of that the D-Generation have a heavy radio background, especially of one Tony Martin.

One of Martin’s early jobs after moving from New Zealand to Australia was working in Brisbane as a copywriter at FM104, known today as Triple M.

In a book published under the title What You Wanted To Know About Radio – A Career, a young Martin is featured.

TonyMartinCopywriter It now gives a whole new view on the term A Nest Of Occasionals

Dec 29

Frontline on Lateline


Thanks to Chad Lofts for searching through his VHS collection, this little wonder has surfaced on the internet.

A day after the final episode of Frontline was screened on the ABC in 1997, Mike Moore‘s twin Rob Sitch is interviewed for The 7:30 Report by Kerry O’Brien, about how Frontline was developed.

Warning: Contains skivvy-wearing.

Dec 01

Border Protection Squad Out Now

BorderProtectionSquadLast reported in 2013, Working Dog‘s Ed Kavalee has jumped over hurdles and red tape to finally release his second film: Border Protection Squad.

Written and directed by Kavalee, starring an ensemble cast of good mates, such as Tony MartinPeter Helliar, Ryan Shelton, Lachy HulmeAsh Williams, Luke McGregor, Sam Pang, Andy Lee, Josh Lawson, Dave Hughes, Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald.. amongst others… 

We are taken into the world of Border Protection Squad – the department who’s duty is to protect Australia from illegal immigrants and drug traffickers – and is also the basis of a reality TV show.

With the threat of network television pulling the plug on the show, two Agents (Helliar and Shelton) – one who is larger than life and extremely passionate with his job, and the other who is labelled ‘Pussy of the Year’ by work and his borderline-racist girlfriend, are instructed by their boss (Kavalee) and his clumsy assistant (Martin) to do their best to help save the show and their jobs – even if it involves going undercover with drug traffickers.

But how far can the guys go to create content for their job and their show? Will one permanently turn to the dark side of drug trafficking? Will they get the ratings they need to feature in the daily top 10 ratings? Will they actually bust some arse and save their relationships at the same time?

You can rent or buy Border Protection Squad now on iTunes. (HD is $9.99 – bargain!)


Click here if video does not display.


Nov 26

Flashback: D-Generation on The Don Lane Show (1994)

Back in the day when Variety television was king, and time had passed just long enough for reunions and specials started to seep in for shows based in the 70s and 80s – The Don Lane Show is a prime example.

In 1994, Channel 9 ran a special, hosted by the late Don Lane, who was already great friends with The D-Generation team for a few years (See “We’re Still Number 4” and the closing credits of the final The Late Show episode). The D-Generation team made no secret they were fans of the lanky yankee, even more so, appearing on the special to talk the best bits they remember.


You can get this Don Lane Show special on DVD via Umbrella Entertainment.

NOTE: This is NOT a paid advertisement.

Oct 20

Bargearse’s “Bluey” To Get DVD Release

Crawfords DVD releasing the original Bargearse - Bluey - on DVD.

Crawfords DVD releasing the original Bargearse – Bluey – on DVD.

Before I get into this – I really never thought I’d see the day this would happen.

Everyone’s favourite larger-than-life Detective Sargeant Bluey, is finally getting a DVD release.

The TV drama series was first screened from 1976 to 1977, only lasting 39 episodes (or one season) on Channel 7.

Stand-up comedian (the late) Lucky Grills was cast as the beer-swilling, chain-smoking, womanizing, deep-frying Det. Sgt. ‘Bluey’ Hills who fought crime, while at the same time – enjoying life’s little luxuries – in comparison to hard-hitting, fit and energetic detectives and police officers in TV shows of the time.

While the show wasn’t a major hit, Bluey reached a new lease in life and a massive status in pop culture when The D-Generation re-wrote and re-dubbed footage from various episodes to make a mini-show, known to everyone as Bargearse. This was shown within The Late Show Season 2 (which in Season 1, the same process was done with ABC’s period drama Rush, changed to The Olden Days).

Bargearse proved so popular, t-shirts were printed, and it was released as a feature on VHS (back in the day) and later on DVD with The Olden Days, Lucky Grills jumped on the bandwagon in one episode, as well as promoting it where ever he went.


click to enlarge

Lucky Grills basking in the Bargearse glow on Hey Hey It's Saturday. Credit: HeyHey.TV

Lucky Grills basking in the Bargearse glow on Hey Hey It’s Saturday.
Credit: HeyHey.TV

With catch-phrases coined by Tony Martin as Det Sgt Bargearse, it’ll be hard to watch Bluey in its original form, but I’m up for the challenge.

Original clips of Bluey are rare on YouTube, and naturally – there’s a shitload of Bargearse ones. Make sure you purchase the DVDs – geeze!

The Complete Bluey series will be available to purchase on Crawfords DVD website only – due out November 2015 OUT NOW. Enjoy it with a shitload of dim-sims and a bucket of soy sauce.


Sep 26

Audio Fan Vault via AudioBoom


If you’ve been a regular member to the Champagne Comedy forum, there has always been a friendly share of radio interviews of the D-Gen / Working Dog crew over the years. We’d get hot tips from various social media or someone transferring the odd cassette tape. This random collection build would be from short interviews on radio to full-blown co-hosting or collecting podcasts from now-defunct shows and dead links. The collection would usually start on this site, and spread over to other sites owned by fans (PureHumbug, RampantStupidity, MartinMolloy, et al).

We originally were storing our archive on free file distribution sites or areas which didn’t have much storage for our ever-expanding collection. Thanks to the great people at AudioBoom, we’ve moved our collection there. You can listen to the playlists of each team member via the audio pages here, or checking the AUDIO section menu list near the CC banner at the top of the site.

If you have iTunes, you can subscribe to the audio feed here. When more audio is uploaded, this feed will automatically update and download if you have those settings activated.

If you have any interviews in your personal collection, shoot us an e-mail champagnelateshow at gmail dot com or tweet us at @TLSChampagne

Aug 31

CC Archive: Bad Eggs Promotion – 2003

Diving into the vast, vast, vaaaaast (a few GB) audio archive here at Stunt HQ, here we have one Tony Martin, promoting his wares on Triple M Brisbane breakfast radio, with Fat Cat, Marto and Tanya. 2003-07-09

Aug 17

Flashback: Best Bits of The Late Show Vol. 3 review

The August 3 1994 issue of Smash Hits magazine is choc-full of retro references including East 17, Lois & Clark, Reality Bites and more, but there’s also this gem: a review of The Late Show Best Bits Vol. 3!

“You’ll need your sides sewn up from all the laughter!”

On page 12, you can also enter the competition to win a Late Show video. Just call 0055 33452 (hey, wasn’t that Mick’s Love Line?) and answer the question, “What other d-lightful name do The Late Show cast go by?”. A phone call to the Smash Hits prizes page lasts about 40 seconds and is about the same price as buying a stamp. But you can also enter by post if you’re technologically challenged!

The Late Show

Smash Hits review of the Best Bits of The Late Show Vol. 3

Jul 23

More Utopia


Get ready for a fresh start with Tony (Rob Sitch) and his friends at the National Building Authority…

The Logie award winning Working Dog series Utopia is back on ABC TV for Season 2 – beginning Wednesday August 19 at 9pm.

If you haven’t caught up yet and don’t have Season 1 on DVD or iTunes, Utopia Season 1 will be available on SVOD service Netflix soon. But you might need to look a bit harder for it, as there is already a UK TV series and a former US reality show with the same title, so Netflix will be renaming it to Dreamland.

Utopia Season 2 – Wednesday 9pm from August 19, ABC TV.

May 10

HYBPA Returns Monday May 11


A friendly reminder to you all that the new season of Have You Been Paying Attention? starts 8:30pm Monday May 11 on Channel 10.

Join Ed Kavalee, Jane Kennedy, Mick Molloy, Fifi Box, Sam Pang and guest ‘Question Asker-er’ Real Housewives of Melbourne reality star Gina Liano with host Tom Gleisner for a quiz of news that happened over the weeks with some funny results… you know the drill, or otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.


If you end up missing it, catch-up via TenPlay on their site, App, and on Apple TV.

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