Mar 21

Archive: Santo Cilauro on The Nation with Mick Molloy – 2007

Santo Cilauro sits at Mick Molloy‘s desk on The Nation to promote the newly released The Olden Days / Bargearse DVD release in 2007.

With chat of their Channel 9 history from the 90s and The Late Show archives.

Even a small cameo from Pete Smith.

Mar 19

Vale Joe Murray

(L to R) Anthony McCormack, David M. Green, Dean Watson, Joe Murray, Hugh Johnson, Sophie Loughran on set of 31 Questions.

(L to R) Anthony McCormack, David M. Green, Dean Watson, Joe Murray, Hugh Johnson, Sophie Loughran on set of 31 Questions. Source: David M. Green

One of the Directors and Producers who featured prominently behind the scenes of Australian TV comedy and entertainment has died.

Joe Murray, who directed 39 episodes of The Late Show as well as having his hand in with The D-Generation and other ABC classics Countdown (that’ll explain Tom and Jane’s segments in Season One) The Big Gig and DAAS Kapital, passed away in hospital.

While Murray worked mainly in Australian comedy shows, he also dabbled in youth music shows The 10:30pm Slot and Recovery before retiring in the mid 2000s, only to come out of retirement in 2014 to direct 31 Questions on Channel 31.

31 Questions Host, Comedian and Mad As Hell writer (and avid Late Show fanatic) David M. Green,  who recently worked with Murray, praises his fine work ethic and dedication to getting quality entertainment onto our television screens.

Joe was generous enough to come out of retirement last year to direct the third season of 31 Questions.

Softly-spoken with a gentle soul and fine sense of humour, he was a man who loved the medium as much as he loved his motorbikes.

He shared his wealth of knowledge and experience with a new generation of television-makers.

It was a rare opportunity and an honour to work with a legend.

We will always cherish the brief time we had with Joe, and he will be sorely missed among the cast and crew.

Hugh Johnson (L) John Stokes in the foreground, Joe Murray at the back and David M. Green on the right, reflected in the TV. Source: David M. Green

Hugh Johnson (L) John Stokes in the foreground, Joe Murray at the back and David M. Green on the right, reflected in the TV.
Source: David M. Green


Source: David M. Green, TV Tonight

Mar 08

Stop Laughing… This Is Serious on the ABC


If you’ve been watching episodes of Mad As Hell and Judith Lucy Is All Woman. you may have noticed a few promos in between shows.

Stop Laughing… This Is Serious is one of 13 new documentaries that was given the green light from Screen Australia‘s $13.8 million budget.

Stop Laughing… will be narrated by Eric Bana and it takes a look behind the scenes of Australia’s treasure trove of live and sketch comedy, with interviews from the creme de la creme of talent – Barry Humphries, Jane Turner, Shaun Micallef, Andrew Denton, Tony Martin, Mick Molloy, Judith Lucy, Santo Cilauro… just to name a few.

Going by the trailer, it’ll cover comedy from ABC and commercial channels.

The three part documentary will begin airing Wednesday March 25 at 9pm on your ABC.

Mar 04

Martin/Molloy Comic Artist Speaks

Comics based on Comics.

Comics based on Comics.

This year (2015) marks 20 years the beginning of what many people in and outside the Australian radio industry label as the best ever drive time show broadcasted on the airwaves.


Yes, can you believe it’s been that long? April 2015 will mark the month of the first ever episode broadcasted on the 2DAY Austereo Network from the famous FOX FM radio studios in Melbourne. consisting of D-Generation / Late Show graduates Tony Martin and Mick Molloy.

What began as a small drive time show to tickle your funny bone, and ill conceived concepts spoken between songs from Dire Straits and La Bouche (true!), the unstoppable duo roared to popularity and to the number one position as highest rated drive show anyone has heard of in Australia. The show was that popular, many bootleg tapes were made by listeners (we may release one or two here for reference down the track) and 3 x ARIA Award winning comedy albums (Brown Album, Poop Chute & Eat Your Peas), Martin/Molloy tapped into the Australian listener’s head to create a theatre of the mind, which is a pure art form.

One person who turned this art form into actual art into paper form, was Melbourne artist Dillon Naylor. Beginning with self-published comics of his own in the 1980s, his craft work developed into other comics such as Da ‘n’ Dill, and Pop Culture & Two Minute Noodles. While Martin/Molloy ran from 1995 until 1998, Naylor came up with the idea of making a comic based on the Martin/Molloy radio show and characters associated with the guys, around 1996 – 1997. Being a major fan since the D-Generation days, even D-Gen’s Stupidman and The Late Show’s Bargearse got the ink-to-pad treatment through the printers at Cowtown Comics.

Only three issues were created, making them collectors items for the fans and Australian comic collectors alike. I’m not exactly sure of the cost value these days, but less talk and more foolish behaviour… I spoke to Dillon to find out more about the man behind the pen.

With Pete Smith as Pete Smith

With Pete Smith as Pete Smith

What is your artistic background?

Nothing too formal. I taught myself to draw from studying a million comic books and did a couple of years of TAFE art courses.

Before you started working on Martin/Molloy comics, what is/was your previous comic work?

I created countless pages of comics throughout Primary school and by the end of High, I was contributing to publications and self publishing comics which I’d distribute by walking around the city to record and comic shops. In the 90s, I stuck a deal to produce comic books called ‘Da ‘n’ Dill’ for mass distribution around the country through a showbag company and by the 2000s I was doing colour comics for kids magazines like K-Zone.

How did the idea of creating a comic based on Tony and Mick come across?

I grew up with ‘The D-Generation’ tv shows and the ‘D-Gen Breakfast Show’ on Triple M. I quickly recognised that Tony ‘The Fatman’ Martin was an especially clever writer and man of a million voices and thought it was a crime these moments were so fleeting so I used to tape the show each morning. (I still have the cassettes in a box. I understand that there are not many recordings of this great show in existence so I plan to digitize and make available.) When the MM show was halfway through it’s run, I was living in a house about five blocks away and would always drive past slowly to look at the shed on the roof and try see them arrive for work. I was co-producing a magazine called ‘Drivel’ at the time and we managed to secure an interview with them. I did a drawing of them both to run with it and after that I had the idea to do a comic based on them and the goings-on at the station, interweaved with the fictitious characters they make up.

It was choice! I agree - it was choice!

It was choice!
I agree – it was choice!

How difficult was it to get Martin/Molloy comics off the ground?

I did a complete story and intercepted both of them in the elevator of Triple M, giving me a captive audience to deliver the pitch. They were scared at first, then registered mild amusement and took the mock-up and said they’d get back to me. Many months elapsed and then Mick rang, out of the blue and apologised for forgetting about it and basically gave me permission. They explained they couldn’t contribute anything for it but were happy to let my imagination run wild. I had to raise a big sum of money quickly to get the minimum number needed for newsagent distribution but it sold very well and was successful enough to keep going.

Was it hard to draw inspiration on getting ‘theatre of the mind’ to paper?

No, not at all. I had always had clear visions in my head about how their various characters looked. I even included some D-Gen Brekky Show characters for older fans, like Michael Veitch’s semi-senile war veteran charcter, Murray Beckworth and and Santo’s Italian hoon, Gino. I also adapted some of Tony’s D-Geb Brekky Show FM Playhouse radio serials that I transcribed from my cassettes. Tony even fished out his old Spirax notebooks and gave me photocopies of the actual handwritten scripts

What research did you have to do to get the caricature models on Tony, Mick, Bargearse and others?

This is pre Google Image Search days, so I collected photos from the many interviews in magazines. They are pretty distictive looking guys and my drawings are very cartoony, so it was easy to get a likeness.

Where's me bloody cartoon dim sims?!

Where’s me bloody cartoon dim sims?!

Why were there only 3 issues produced?

I wanted to do more but I guess it was difficult to keep coming up with the print money in advance as the returns were very slow coming back. I was selling advertising on the back and inside covers but in the end I wasn’t business-minded enough. I was too busy getting drunk and going to see bands.

I noticed issue 1 was heavily based on M/M for obvious reasons, issue 2 was half M/M and half Bargearse, then issue 3 was heavily Bargearse and minimal M/M. Was this intentional or was it easier to write Bargearse storylines?

I guess Bargearse was very identifiable and got me a lot of feedback, so I decided it was a good way to hook in a larger audience to keep everything afloat. And yes, it was easier to write for. It was hard to think of additional stories centred around Mick and Tony but In hindsight, there were lots of other things I could have done, really. I started planting stories in the back with my own characters, ‘Pop Culture and Two Minute Noodles’ and the M/M comic transformed into that on the newstands. I still have new Bargearse comic stories sitting in my desk but don’t know what to do with them.

Do you have any back issues available to purchase still?

I have since sold all M/M issue one but do have some of 2 and 3 left which I eBay on occasion.

Thanks to Dillon for taking the time for the chat. Stay tuned to eBay if you want to grab what you can find.

Feb 25

Tony Martin on Total Football

Kim Jong Un, Snato Gauro, KD Lang and Andrew Denton. Oh wait... Photo:

Kim Jong Un, Snato Gauro, KD Lang and Andrew Denton.
Oh wait…

Last night Andrew Denton’s stunt-double Tony Martin somehow managed to get on Santo Sam and Ed’s Total Football and talk about the topic he knows very little of – sport.

Donned in the Wellington Phoenix uniform, Tony joined the desk with Santo Cilauro, Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee and managed to join in on the conversation of soccer / football. But with a twist.

As Tony is a major film geek, he reviewed a 1980s classic “Escape to Victory” about a German prison camp prisoners forming a soccer team to, um.. escape to victory – starring Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine.

In true Martin style, there were laughs aplenty.

Santo, Sam & Ed’s Total Football – Tuesdays Fox Sports Four and One – check the Foxtel guide more more.

Feb 05

Airtime: Judith Lucy Is All Woman


The lovable second season woman Judith Lucy is back with her new TV show on the ABC.

Judith Lucy Is All Woman – a six part series that looks into the progress of the female species of the last 50 years – airs Wednesday February 11.

Dovetail: Fan favourite Shaun Micallef‘s show Mad As Hell returns the same night for a fifth season. So start fluffing those lounge pillows.

Jan 31

CC Archive: Get This Podcast Work – 2006

On a random basis, we’ll try and post some random interviews from radio we’ve collected over the years of the guys and girls of The Late Show over various projects and shows.

Our first installment: Tony Martin on Triple M’s The Shebang with Marty Sheargold and Fifi Box from 2006. Talking about doing some podcast work when Get This was still on air on Triple M.


Dec 13

Frontline binge on iView

FrontlineiviewJust when you can’t get enough of great Australian comedy with DVD boxsets, iTunes downloads and legal streaming on YouTube, the good folks at the ABC have released “Binge on the Best” on iView.

Working Dog’s satirical classic Frontline‘s three seasons are now on full display for free on iView to entertain you over Christmas and the new year. Joining Mike Moore and his fellow co-workers, as well as other Aussie gems Upper Middle Bogan, Agony Aunts / Uncles, The Moodys, Laid, Jonah from Tonga and It’s A Date.

iView is available on many platforms, such as PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, gaming consoles and Smart TVs.

Get clicking!

Nov 12

Updated: Our 8 Cents A Day For 2015

Watching our budget, plummet through the floor.

“Watching our budget, plummet through the floor.”

In a world where the Australian Government looms an axe over the heads of ABC and SBS to save money, the announcement today of new and renewed shows for the ABC has been released.

And guess what?

Tony and Co from the Nation Building Authority are returning to build something that’s not there for Season Two of Working Dog‘s Utopia for 2015.

Staying with the ABC, Season Two regular of The Late Show Judith Lucy comes back to TV after her previous stint filling in as a film critic to star in another solo project – Judith Lucy Is All Woman. This show has already been filmed and in the can and was scheduled to play in 2014, but will now see the light of day in 2015.

… and since we’re here…

While the news is a couple of weeks old, Working Dog are currently working on Pacific Heat - Australia’s first adult animated comedy series, which will screen on Foxtel next year.

Here’s to 2015! (and maybe rating more than Number Four…)

UPDATE: At a presentation launch of programs, Channel 10 has announced that Have You Been Paying Attention? is returning in 2015.


Nov 09

Have You Been Paying Attention? Year In Review Special

Have Year Been Paying Attention

Have Year Been Paying Attention?

Do yourself a favour and skip watching the latest shenanigans on some reality show shown on another network, and turn to Channel 10 on Monday November 17 at 8:30pm.

Tom GleisnerEd KavaleeSam Pang, Jane Kennedy, Mick Molloy and Michala Banas are returning to the blue question mark for a Have You Been Paying Attention? Year In Review special.

Remember those “Year In Review” specials that TV stations used to show towards the end of the year and would last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours? Well, this is as close as you’re going to get.

If you’ve missed out on the news of 2014 because you were too busy throwing ice buckets over your head or refusing to go outside in case you caught that Ebola thingy, let HYBPA? catch you up on the summary of the year events with a cheeky and funny twist.

And just in case the show starts later on in the evening, PVR the episode of Q&A.

Have You Been Paying Attention? Year In Review Special – Monday November 17, 8:30pm on Channel 10.

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