Feb 05

Remembering: Paradise Beach

Part two of our irregular “Remembering” theme to mark 20 years since The Late Show, does anyone remember the epicly popular (and that term is used loosely) Channel 9 soap drama Paradise Beach from 1993?

Maybe this is a refresher… dare you to watch as much of it as you can.

..or, you can watch the 2 minute sypnosis of the cliche ridden show, as seen through the eyes of The Late Show cast. LOOK! Warner Brothers Movie World! From Season Two.


  1. Scott McPhee

    Paradise Beach, how could I forget, especially with dialogue like;

    “You treat girls like a bowl of noodles.
    Hot one minute, cold and gone the next.”

    At which point Tori shoves Kirk into a swimming pool behind him.

  2. Scott McPhee

    I’ve just returned from a holiday in the USA. I spotted Kimberley Joseph (former star of Paradise Beach, Lost, and other shows), appearing in a long form commercial for a new innovation in wheelbarrows.

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