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Boytown at the Barbican

Hi all, Finally got to see Boytown at tonight’s screening at the Barbican in London. A heavily-pregnant Sally Phillips came on to say hello and read a note from Mick, who gave us his best wishes. In his message he joked that he may in fact be the father of Sally’s unborn child, and he …

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BoyTown is out now

Unfortunately, I just left Sydney as Boytown was being released so I’ll miss out on seeing it. I have, however, listened to several of the tracks thanks to Tony Martin’s podcasts – Dishpan Hands being my favourite. If you don’t know what Boytown is all about – well, it’s about a boyband making a comeback …

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Hi Tony!

Forum regular Pete The Clown managed to get a word in edgewise with Tony Martin after volunteering to be an extra on the BoyTown Aria day. Among other things, Pete says on the forum that “hopefully he will check [this website] soon as the last time he checked for stuff about himself on the net was …

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