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Sep 17

Top or Frontbottom?

Top and Bottom lists that rank the topic of discussion can be entertaining and compelling at the same time. While there are no thorough and correct answers (unless a registered survey or census has been performed), many listings are usually done by matter of opinion, and with the odd listener / reader / viewer interaction. …

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Jul 27

Remembering: The ACTUAL Show itself: Tom and Santo Speak

Continuing the celebration of The Late Show and its 20 year anniversary (which has been a week past since time of publish) we have a zinger for you. For the next installment of the ‘Remembering” series, two of The Late Show and Working Dog cast members – Tom Gleisner and Santo Cilauro, took time out of their extremely …

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Jul 25

Audrey’s Kitchen serves it up

Working Dog are back on Saturday! … and Sunday! But not at the desired 10pm slot we all come to love. But here’s something just as good. Thanks to the hard work of Tom Gleisner, Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro, the tantalising, delicious tastebuds of Audrey Gordon‘s “Tuscan Summer” cookbook has hit the small screen in bite-size portions. …

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Apr 28

Two Entries In “The Guide” Birthday Celebrations

This is just pure evidence again that the guys aren’t just fantastic hard workers, but they leave a mark in the entertainment industry. Fairfax’s TV/Radio/Movie liftout The Guide celebrate 30 years of publishing in the Sydney Morning Herald and sister papers. Critics Michael Idato and Greg Hassall have dissected and filtered through the last 30 …

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Apr 19

Pictures Of You Returns

Brian Nankervis After a ‘preview’ episode screening in what appears to saviour the My Kitchen Rules audience attention, Working Dog‘s new show Pictures Of You is returning to the Channel 7 screen Monday 23rd April, at 9:30pm. Host Brian Nankervis presents images of the guest’s past to open their heart and mind to the history …

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Apr 14

Dude Looks Like A Logie!

The 54th Annual TV Logie Awards are around the corner, which The D-Generation/Working Dog are regular attendees to the the awards. The year is 1998. The Working Dog team have three successful seasons of the current affairs piss-take Frontline under their belts. The 40th Annual TV Week Logie Awards are being shown on national television, thanks …

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Mar 27

Pictures Of You S01E01 Review

Straight after the grand final of My Kitchen Rules (running 10 minutes overtime), the newest production from the Working Dog offices Pictures Of You hit the ground running. After a warm and brief introduction from host Brian Nankervis, the show started. A simple concept, a whopping 1.63 million viewers watched the guests in the spotlight for the premiere episode. …

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Mar 19

Pictures Of You – Sneak Peek

Working Dog have been busy this year. Their film Any Questions For Ben? was released in February, and in the same month, Santo, Sam & Ed’s Sports Fever! was released on Channel 7, to be moved to 7Mate and replayed on Channel 7 later that night. Now, just around the corner, Working Dog‘s latest project Pictures Of …

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Feb 23

Thinking About Movies?

Just a friendly reminder that the entertaining film by Working Dog is still currently at the cinemas – Any Questions For Ben? Do yourself a favour and see it. If you’ve seen it, see it again!

Feb 04

Any Questions For Ben? Getting Social

Have you hopped onto the Twitter and Facebook bandwagon yet? If not – why are you on the internet? Social media is a strong, powerful tool which allows the general public to interact with each other and express thoughts, opinions and discussions about anything at all. You can even interact with your favourite actor, musician …

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