Behind the scenes with a bunch of D-Generates

The D-Generation in 1986 and ABC Props Maker Jeff Smart.

Exclusive to – If you ever wanted to know how The D-Generation ABC TV series from 1986-1987 operated behind the scenes, we have received a treasured archive of photos from a former staff member of the show.

Jeff Smart is an ex special props-maker for the ABC D-Generation TV series. The following are his words. The following is an excerpt from a published page here (see below).

In 1986 I got a job as a special effects prop-maker with ABC TV in Melbourne, and the very first thing I got to work on was a new pilot comedy sketch show, creating all manner of special effects props including a very tacky Thunderbirds model!

It was called The D-Generation!

Luckily I continued working on the show when it went to series, and even had some small involvement when they jumped ship later on to Channel 7. The shows afforded me many opportunities to do some fun, creative and interesting work for some really nice people.

As I was based at the ABC production facility workshops in Highett, I wasn’t on set all that often at the main studios in Ripponlea. But occasionally I would be unshackled and allowed to venture down to operate one of special props I had made, taking my camera along to take pics of my work.

Main Cast poses for the camera for a publicity pic I think.
Here we can see the real angle of the wall on the Batman and Robin “Fear of latent homosexuality” skit! (…no they didn’t really scale a ver†ical wall!). 
The cast casually go through script ideas (this was taken at the channel 7 studios a few weeks before the D-Gen Goes Commercial show).

If you want to see more images and read more behind the scenes, click on the top menu “Who The Hell Is Jeff Smart” or click here.


    • Scott McPhee on December 28, 2019 at 4:18 pm
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    There were some real gems among these old photos. Apart from ‘marveling at how young everyone looks’, I’m reminded of how I once had a crush on Marg Downey.

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