Gabriel Gâté: “I’ve got very fond memories – it was fun to do”

By the time Saturday July 3, 1993  came around for Australian television audiences, The Late Show had finally found its feet with their second season.

Already four episodes in, the ‘Champagne sketch Comedy’ routine was about to be cemented as an iconic moment in TV comedy history, Piffy The Bellringer gained traction and was invited into the studio for for Episode 5 after his appearance in the Pot Luck toilet break, and the Musical Closings were getting more clever and a ‘must watch’ as Mick Molloy was constantly misunderstanding Tony Martin‘s requests to get certain musicians in to perform their signature tunes.

in Season 2 Episode 5, Frente’s hit tune Accidently Kelly Street was still running fresh in the minds of Australians, and after a hilarious parody in Season 1 Episode 20 in 1992. So, Tony puts in a request for Mick to get Frente on board, but Mick ‘accidently’ gets What’s Cooking? TV chef and personality Gabriel Gâté instead – with his natural French accent.

Speaking on Episode 25 on the Champagne Comedy Podcast, Gâté chats about his connection with the D-Generation / Working Dog team, as well as his preparation for the routine, which he absolutely loved doing. Here’s an excerpt of the 6 minute chat:

To hear the full interview, listen to Episode 25 of the Champagne Comedy Podcast – a fan podcast made by fans, for the fans.

This episode also features Remi Broadway – aka Piffy The Bellringer – as special guest reviewer.

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This podcast has no direct association with the Working Dog team, the ABC, and Co.

A big thank you to Gabriel Gâté for the chat. You can follow him on instagram here.

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