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September 9, 2005

Late Show Wikipedia Entry

Link of the day: There’s a Wikipedia entry on The Late Show, and of course, as it’s a Wiki, you can go in and edit or add to it!

For example, I’ve gone in and added this excellent site to the end of their entry.

Job Warehouse

The end of an era! Job Warehouse, as featured on The Late Show, is going outta business.


Thanks to RD McPhee for the pic! (Click to see a larger version.)

And here’s the floral clock… .as referred to in Mick and Tony’s Madonna Sex book routine.

My life as a teenage late show addict

Good news! I’ve finally managed to convert my old analog video from 1993 to a digital format—the one where me, Kinuyo (and occasionally Anne) go around the athletics field during a school carnival, asking people a) what they think of the carnival and b) whether they watch The Late Show. It gets more interesting about 2 minutes in, and if you don’t have a broadband connection, you might be spending a while downloading it onto your computer. Thanks to the Canopus ADVC-55 analog to DV converter (the only affordable one I could find for Macs), iMovie and the woman on eBay who sold me the old Video8 camcorder for £50.


Remember… this is 1993, soo the fashion is really bad. There are some gems! I’m the one in the white baseball cap aged 16! I am now 28 but apparently I still look the same.

Late Show TV Week Ad

In 1993, The Late Show’s return was advertised in TV Week. For twelve years I had this ad on my door, yellowing with age and torn at the edges. The wonders of digital technology (and, again, I have Ben to thank for this) mean that the ad is now ‘remastered’ and looks just as it did in the old days.


Molvanie! The Dutch version

Whilst in Amsterdam last weekend I stumbled across Working Dog’s Molvania, ‘a land untouched by modern dentistry’, translated in Dutch! Which is: ‘Molvanie: Een land gevrijwaard van moderne tandheelkunde.’ Ironically, some of my relatives who live in Holland are dentists, so they might be interested in rejuvenating Molvanie.


Early reviews of The Late Show – 1992

Remember on The Late Show Champagne Edition DVD Tony mentions just how crap the early reviews of TLS really were? Take a trip down memory lane with this link to some early news stories.

Welcome to the new Late Show site

Welcome to Champagne Comedy: The Late Show fan pages. Remember the zany Australian comedy series which aired at 10pm on Saturday nights during 1992-1993? Well, this is the website dedicated to reliving the classic moments of the series! We’ll have scripts, analyses, a discussion forum, news updates, clips, quotes from old news articles, photographs, episode exchanges and much more!

But of course, this is a site that will only improve with input from its visitors. It’s early days yet for the page; right now you can visit theLate Show Forum, read a small but growing guide to popular Late Show Sketches and download some video clips.