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Media background for 16+ years. Producer. Lover of comedy. Loves Australian nostalgia for the greater good.

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Happy Australia Day!

Girt, soil, toil… Ladies and Gentlemen – take a bow!

Santo, Sam & Ed are goooooo!!!

UPDATE: SPORTS FEVER WILL BEGIN AT 10:45PM MONDAY JANUARY 30, instead of the previous 10:30PM time. Get your Diego Maradonuts out and park your bum on the lounge for a late night live show tradition you haven’t done for 20 years! Sadly, I’m not talking about The Late Show… It’s Santo, Sam & Ed’s Sports …

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Meet The Filmmaker: Any Questions For Ben?

Are you based in Melbourne? Do you have January 27 2012 clear in your diary? Got some extra cash? Cinema Nova are presenting a screening of Any Questions For Ben? – the new film from Working Dog. The extra bonus seeing this special session is that you will meet (or at least be in the presence …

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Remembering: Super Challenge

This year marks 20 years since The Late Show was broadcasted on our analogue TVs  Saturday nights at 10pm (July, 1992) and using our 8 & 1/2 cents a day very wisely. Every fortnight, we’ll try and post a reminder about various segments spanning over the two years of this classic series in which this website is …

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Have You Ever Rented A “Best Bits” That Wasn’t Quite Right?

If you own the Champagne Edition of The Late Show (which I’m sure you would!) then you would have noticed on the second disc “Some More Bits“, which acts like a fourth video if one were released with the other three volumes. Thanks to Flemishdog, “Some More Bits” has been donned a cover, which is …

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Heckle! Show us your tusks!

If you ever went to a recording of The Joy Of Sets, you’d know that the entire studio audience was primarily made of Get This listeners. (Weekend listeners were registered to go, but they never turned up as it was filmed on a Friday). During the early days of filming, Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee …

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Seasons Grindings / Greetings

On behalf of site owner Kim and every member of the Champagne Comedy forum, Seasons Greetings from the largest site based on The Late Show and related items on the world wide web. For your regular attendance and hit rates, we cannot offer much legal media of The Late Show, so we can supply you …

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Thanks to forum regular Mason Hell-Cat / Flemishdog and the beauty of YouTube, want to know what the fuss was all about before The Late Show appeared? The D-Generation got their televisual start with a sketch comedy show on the ABC in 1986, with cast members Rob Sitch, Santo Cilauro, John Harrison, Madga Szubanski, Marg …

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Santo Sam & Ed TV fever

We couldn’t get enough of the crazy antics of Santo Cilauro, Sam Pang, and Ed Kavalee in 2010 for their coverage of the FIFA World Cup. Now, after popular demand, Santo, Sam & Ed are coming back to the idiot box for Santo, Sam & Ed’s Sports Fever! After a successful series on SBS, covering …

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Thinking of Richard Marsland Three Years today