Trailer: Pacific Heat

Netflix has released a full trailer of Working Dog’s animated adventure. Pacific Heat.


In this animated satire, a covert squad of operatives short on smarts but long on confidence tackles crime on the glitzy Gold Coast of Australia.

The show will be shown in Australia on Foxtel’s Comedy Channel from November 27, then December 2 on Netflix for the rest of the world.


Russell Coight and HYBPA return for 2017


Australia’s most lovable accident prone adventurer is returning to the picture wireless.

Announced at Channel 10’s 2017 Upfronts, Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures is returning to our screens after a 13 year trek away. This is a great thing as All Aussie Adventures has been floating around in the replay universe, recently re-screening on ONE.

Also announced, Have You Been Paying Attention? has been renewed for another season in 2017.

Time to hit the road… again! Until then, you can purchase Series 1 and 2 on DVD, as well as the celebrity challenge special.


All Aussie Adventures Series 1TV
All Aussie Adventures Series 2TV

Johnny Swank Before Pacific Heat

On the weekend Working Dog released a video of their new animated series Pacific Heat, soon to be shown on Foxtel’s Comedy Channel on Sunday November 27.

Already, fans have responded saying that it echoes another animated US spy show Archer (with a hint of Working Dog’s previous work – 1995’s Funky Squad).

While we do agree here that it resembles the US show that was launched in 2009, we originally thought the idea of Pacific Heat sounded like it was loosely based from the 1996 radio serial Johnny Swank.

What is Johnny Swank?

The comedy serial was broadcasted on the Today Radio Network in 1996 by Working Dog, and usually played during the breakfast shows on 2DAY, FOX, B105 etc. Listeners would follow the adventures of the too-cool-for-school Johnny Swank (voiced by Rob Sitch) and his bumbling sidekick K2 (voiced by Santo Cilauro), with various characters voiced by Tom GleisnerJane Kennedy and friends.

There would be a story arc for one whole week starting on the Monday and wrapping up on the Friday, with each episode running average 2 – 3 minutes in length. Think a piss-take of Mel Brooks’ Get Smart but on radio.

Here’s a week’s worth of episodes to show you that the premise was around for a while.

Funnily enough, Funky Squad started out as a radio serial too, before hitting the TV screens.

Either way, we’re looking forward to Pacific Heat!

Pacific Heat to Netflix: UPDATED


If you’re wondering what has been happening with the next big thing to come out of the offices of Working Dog, there has been more shining light.

As mentioned in 2014, Foxtel has commissioned a new 13 episode animated series Pacific Heat which was slated to broadcast on Foxtel late 2015. Unfortunately there were delays and was bumped to 2016. Now Netflix have jumped on the opportunity and will be streaming the show from December 2 to the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Ireland, according to Yahoo and Variety.

When is it being broadcasted in Australia? At the moment, we can’t find any official word, other than Foxtel still have it as TBC.foxtelWe’ll keep you informed if any news comes through.

UPDATE: Pacific Heat starts on Foxtel Sunday November 27 on The Comedy Channel – TV Tonight reports.

Strewth. Corker. Vale Max Walker

2016 hasn’t been a great year for the celebrity world where many musicians and actors have unfortunately left this mortal coil.

Sadly, Aussie cricketer, commentator and larrakin Max Walker has passed away at the age of 68.

The D-Generation team are fans of the cricket – with Max being a talk topic with Graham and The Colonel, as well as Santo Cilauro mentioning that ‘Wogs’ would never read his books in his song “Things Wogs Would Never Do” from Season 1 of The Late Show.

But the clincher was in Season 2, where Tony Martin would employ Mick Molloy to have a musician to close each episode with a song. Molloy was given the task to have Cyndi Lauper perform “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, but misheard and got Max Walker to perform instead.


Rest well, Tangles.

Bargearse and The Olden Days Go Digital


We must’ve been dreamin’ of donuts as this one snuck by us earlier in the year… so we’re going to tell you now.

You owned it on VHS – you owned it on DVD – you even owned it illegally from a YouTube rip.

Now you can own it legally on digital download.

For a measly $9 – $10 (depending on what platform), you can own all 1 hour and 24 minutes of Bargearse and The Olden Days – now available on iTunes and Google Play.

Re-live pole-punching, dutch ovens, people constantly going out-of-focus and ATMs appearing to be out of order, from your streaming device. – iTunes – Google Play


Best enjoyed with a shitload of dim sims and a Pissiona.

Santo Sam and Ed Return

Ed, Sam and Santo

Ed, Sam and Santo

Great news for Snato fans and to all the sports nuts out there.

Santo Cilauro, Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee are getting their podcast on again for the Santo Sam and Ed’s Total Football Podcast – under the wings of ABC Radio.

Each week, Santo, Sam and Ed bring you their take on all the big foorball news from around the globe. What we lack in stats and facts we more than make up for in half baked ideas and dodgy puns.

All the major global domestic leagues covered, even Serie A.

Subscribe now and await Monday September 5 for all the goodies within.

Graham and The Colonel and The Games

If you’re not following this site on Twitter yet (@TLSChampagne) we post a lot more there than on this site. Just like this little gem that Twitter user Meerkatlookout sent through.

A comparison shot with Games commentator Scott McGrory sounding awfully like Graham & The Colonel’s Graham!

Nailed it!

Happy Barcelona Olympics!

Champagne Comedy is wishing you all a great Barcelona Olympics ! We really hope that our bid for Sydney 2000 is a success… with no silly air jumps. Go, “Syd-en-ee”!image[rating=null]

Radio A Game Changer for Martin

Tony Martin. (The Soap Actor, Cyclist, Crooner, and Escape Artist not pictured)

Here’s one for Tony Martin fans out there.

The people at Bad Producer Productions and Craig Bruce Coaching bring you the next installment of The Game Changers: Radio podcast – the Tony Martin episode.

In the first season, Martin’s former radio sparring partner Mick Molloy spoke about his start and experiences, and now it’s Martin’s turn.

Now into the second season of Game Changers: Radio, guests have already featured this season include Amanda KellerMatt Tilley, Hamish BlakeRichard Stubbs and Fifi Box. In this latest episode, host Craig Bruce talks to Martin about:

  • His first venture into radio in New Zealand
  • Becoming a copywriter at FM104 (Triple M) Brisbane
  • Getting his foot in the door with The D-Generation
  • Various projects he’s written for
  • The origin of ‘Tommy G and The Fatman’
  • How The Late Show was created and originally failed
  • How The Satanic Sketches nearly didn’t see the light of day
  • The creation of FM Playhouse
  • The mechanics of Martin/Molloy
  • Having Get This developed and the yo-yoing of the timeslot
  • Everyone’s favourite Panel Operator and Contributor – Richard Marsland
  • Will Tony ever return full-time to radio

If you haven’t already, Game Changers: Radio is a podcast I encourage you to subscribe to, if you want to know the behind-the-scenes of your favourite past or present radio show and talent. The podcast itself is already shortlisted for the Mumbrella Publish Awards 2016 Best Podcast.

Here’s Episode Thirteen with Tony.

Subscribe to Game Changers Radio and check out