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Apr 14

Dude Looks Like A Logie!

The 54th Annual TV Logie Awards are around the corner, which The D-Generation/Working Dog are regular attendees to the the awards. The year is 1998. The Working Dog team have three successful seasons of the current affairs piss-take Frontline under their belts. The 40th Annual TV Week Logie Awards are being shown on national television, thanks …

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Mar 20

Sports Fever! S01E08 Ratings

Sanji, Zumia, and Zed sped across the finish line on Monday night with spectacular coverage of the F1 Grand Prix and Australian Swimming Championships. (Figures to come soon, had only obtained Brisbane’s figures of 24,000 due to glitch from our side so we’re still working on it – to be updated.) Channel 7 Grand Prix Commentator Matty …

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Mar 13

Classic D-Generation MICF

Even though it was repeated from Channel 10 March 2011, their sister station ONE HD replayed the 25 Years Of The Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Showing the best of comedians who have performed over the 25 years, The D-Generation made their appearance with their famous “Courtroom Sketch”. Featuring Tom Gleisner, Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro, …

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Mar 05

Sports Fever! S01E06 Ratings

The sweet smelling Snato, Stan & Reg get to their sixth episode spectacular (second episode in high definition), reaching  the same 42,000 audience as last week, but this time via foot-cam, and 68,000 on glove box-cam for the weekend viewers who just woke up (It did start at 11:40pm on Seven). Covering some motor racing, …

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Feb 27

Sports Fever! S01E05 Ratings

The caucus votes are in. It seems that the general public love the 8:30pm timeslot and a move to high definition television. So much so, that 42 000 people loved seeing Tanto, Tonto & Ted so clear and lifelike, it was almost they were in your living room. It may seem lower-than-normal ratings, there was some stiff …

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Feb 27

AQFB Article: How Melbourne Became Cool

If you have seen the film Any Questions For Ben? you’d notice how Director Rob Sitch captures the essence of Melbourne. In  fact, journalist Angela Saurine has done one further, and had a one-on-one chat with Sitch to get a rundown on some of the best hot spots of Melbourne. From cafes to rooftop cinemas, …

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Feb 21

Sports Fever! S01E04 Ratings

Well done to Santo Cilauro, Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee for getting to their fourth episode on air at such a premium start of 10:46pm. With the extra dosage of Channel 9’s cricket coverage, in which we can’t get enough of, and more soccer, we had some extra sports covered. This included tryouts for swimming in the olympics …

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Feb 08

Rob Sitch on In Gordon Street Tonight

Former Spicks And Specks host Adam Hills is back with the second season of In Gordon Street Tonight. The first episode was launched tonight (Wednesday 8th February) with the first guests Rob Sitch and Josh Lawson, promoting Any Questions For Ben. Sitch briefly spoke about how they had to alter a park to get the autumn …

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Jan 30

AQFB Article: Location, Location, Location

Source: smh.com.au The articles and reviews are being laid on thick with Any Questions For Ben? due out in cinemas February 9. Sydney Morning Herald‘s journalist John Mangan talks to Working Dog frontman and AQFB Director Rob Sitch about their new feature, and how precise the locations needed to be to film their newest work …

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Jan 18

Meet The Filmmaker: Any Questions For Ben?

Are you based in Melbourne? Do you have January 27 2012 clear in your diary? Got some extra cash? Cinema Nova are presenting a screening of Any Questions For Ben? – the new film from Working Dog. The extra bonus seeing this special session is that you will meet (or at least be in the presence …

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