Get This rally a success!

The Get This rally today was a roaring success. About 150 people turned up, and Tony, Ed and Richard turned up to give their support to the fans. There are some images on Facebook -in the public gallery for the Global Movement to Save Get This Facebook group and Lucas’s album (Facebook login required).

Rally to save Get This – remember the 5th of November & wear satiny kaftans

The ‘Global Movement To Save Get This’ Facebook group is planning a support rally. Thanks to Simon Hevey for letting me repost his request here. If anyone ends up going, can you take some pics and I’ll post them up here? Thanks

For those of you in Melbourne, and who are interested, a decision has been made on a date for the support rally… it was decided to settle on Monday the 5th of November. We also thought it would be easier to simply hold the rally out front of MMM studios in St Kilda as opposed to marching there from another destination. The rally won’t be about bagging MMM, but about showing support for the show and hopefully getting them some more publicity.

The poll that was originally started to get an idea of numbers has closed and we cannot access it, therefore we have no idea of the sort of numbers that would be turning up.

If you are in Melbourne and are 100% confident you will make the effort to come can you please send an email to This will give us an idea of what to expect.

If you are in Sydney or Brisbane there is talk on the discussion boards of a rally and farewell party.

Check it out at .

Things may change depending on the amount of people who are confident they will turn up, but feel free to wear satiny kaftans and bring along “How Come?” and “Assault, Assault” placards.

A farewell party is also planned for the last day of the show at a venue in or around St Kilda.

Again if you are in Melbourne and would be confident of turning up to this, it will be held during the day, please send an email to

As we get more details on both events they will be posted in the “Recent News” section of the group.”

October 24, 2007

The Late Show: Juice Magazine

Thanks to Menagers for The Late Show Juice magazine article dated September 1993. Ah, how we remember it.
Click the thumbnails for full size versions of this five-page article, Decoding the D-Generation.

Noooo!!! Get This gets axed

Get This!! You can’t leave us! It is with shock and regret that we discovered today how Tony Martin’s radio show Get This has, sadly, been axed by Triple M.

The general reaction from forum members has been: YOU BASTARDS

If you care about Get This, join our members’ area to discuss this tragic news and, even better, sign the petition to save Get This—it’s the least you can do!

Still, let us look on this in a positive light – Tone can use the opportunity to do something fresh and new that we can enjoy.

Thanks to Shitscared for posting this video from the Get This studios, taken just last Friday.


More YouTube stuff

Viking Talk from The Late Show 1992. this took AGES … hope it’s worth it


Ooh, me Easter Eggs! From Bargearse/Olden Days DVD


If you’ve got your copy of The Olden Days/Bargearse that came out in late August, thank forum member menagers for finding the Easter Eggs contained within.

1. Main menu: Bargearse, arrow up, devil icon – exorcism film
2. Main menu: The Olden Days, arrow left, zero icon – funniest home video gag
3. Main menu: subtitles, arrow down, beer mug icon – The Whinging Pom (at last!)
4. Subtitles: main menu, arrow down, VHS icon – video shop sketch
5. Olden Days 1st menu: next, arrow left, beetle icon – OTT pest control
6. Olden Days 1st menu: main menu, arrow right, horse icon – poor Charlie the Wonderdog being forced to root Rob’s leg
7. Olden Days 2nd menu: main menu, arrow down, swastika icon – Hitler’s about
8. Olden Days 2nd menu: 11., arrow left, ALF icon – tribute to Alf Camileri
9. Bargearse 1st menu: 1., arrow up, $ icon – (forgotten?)
10. Bargearse 1st menu: next, arrow down, dial icon – cinema ads
11. Bargearse 2nd menu: 6., arrow up, dogbone icon – Ken Bruce ad
12. Bargearse 2nd menu: main menu, arrow right, hand icon – “hands off” in Bourke St.
13. Where’s me bloody extras? menu: audio comm., arrow left, magnifying glass icon – murder comma she wrote
14. Where’s me bloody extras? menu: DVD credits, arrow down, footy icon – Bruce Mac season 2
15. Where’s me bloody extras? menu: main menu, arrow left, umbrella icon – Merchant Ivory
16. DVD credits menu: arrow left, gun icon – last but never least, the 4 kinsman – cop killer.

Ooh, me Easter Eggs!

Apols for lack of updates!

Apols for the lack of updates to the site—I’ve been away for a few months. The forum is still going strong and we are welcoming several new members each week, some of whom didn’t remember The Late Show the first time around and are discovering its comedic genius for the first time, which is great to see. Also, there’s a burgeoning Facebook group to do with the Late Show (look up Late Show D-Generation) which has more than 300 members, and a YouTube group that pools together all those brilliant clips into one neat area (you can look that one up for yourselves).

Don’t forget to visit the forum to discuss other projects the D-Gen alumni are up to!

Meanwhile if anyone has any stories, gossip, pics etc don’t forget to mail them to me so I can put them on the news page.

September 27, 2007

Mick Molloy’s new show!

The Nation promo – Mick’s new show


Thanks to 13schoolyards who has the scoop from the man himself – it sounds great.

*The Nation isn’t a panel chat show – rather, it’s a fake news program, with skits, sketches, fake news, comments, etc. Supposedly the idea is to keep the format loose enough so Mick and company can do pretty much whatever they like.

*The cast is Mick, Gary Eck, Akmal Saleh and Nikki Osbourne. The writers include Mick and his brother Richard.

*No-one from the old Mick Molloy Show is involved – no Tone, no Judith, no Bob Franklin. Mick said he couldn’t ask any of them to put themselves on the line again – this time it’s all him if it goes wrong.

*It is going to be on Tuesdays at 9.30pm – probably starting the first Tuesday in June. It’s not live, but they’re going to tape it about two hours before it goes to air to keep it topical.

TV Hits 1994

How I remember this article… and thanks SO MUCH to Matt for sending it in to me, who received it from joey_macka. It was a 1994 article from TV Hits, soon after The Late Show had ended and the ABC was repeating the series on Wednesday nights. Several people had requested a top-up dose of their favourite comedy team. Are you one of the ones listed?


80s flashback – Five in a Row

Thanks again to Scott M. for scanning in the Five In A Row cassingle from 1989. Zoom into the PDF to enjoy the extremely niche yet memory-jogging jokes including “Con the Fruiterer Pty Ltd”, the tracks by the Young Talent Team, Molly Meldrum and Wa Wa Nee and “Copperart Road”. From way back in 1989 (beginning of high school for me).