May 05

Martin and Cilauro on Nova


As announced this morning on Chrissie, Sam and Browny on Nova 100 Melbourne, our favourite radio guy Tony Martin is filling in for Sam Pang while he’s covering Eurovision for SBS, beginning Monday May 9. He’ll be on from 7am weekdays.

Also, to match the story header, Santo Cilauro has been making regular appearances every Friday on the same show.

You can either listen to Nova in Melbourne on 100.3FM, stream online at, download their podcast available on their site / iTunes, or wait for us to add it to the collection in the audio archive, which the links are up top of the site.

Either way, you’ll get your dosage in one form or another!

May 03

Archive: Tony Martin on The Today Show (2009)

Back in September 2009, Tony Martin was doing the rounds, promoting his new book A Nest Of Occasionals. To help promote his second book of grammatical wonder, he popped up on the Stefanovicator’s show Today on Channel 9, interviewed by Lisa Wilkinson.

No short circuitry here.

Apr 25

HYBPA Return, All-Star Family Feud special and more

Synchronise your watches and get your PVRs ready, as the Working Dog team are ready to hit your TV screens again.


First off the rank – Join Have You Been Paying Attention‘s  Tom Gleisner, Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee as they go face-to-face with the team from The Living Room on Channel 10’s All-Star Family Feud special, hosted by Grant Denyer. At a special time of 7:30pm Wednesday 27th April on Channel 10.


Second of all – Have You Been Paying Attention? returns for a fifth season. With regulars Sam Pang, Ed Kavalee and Quiz Master Tom Gleisner plus random and regular guests ready to give you cheeky belly laughs – HYPBA? returns Monday May 9 at 8:30pm on Channel 10.

Third – No official announcement yet on the start date for Working Dog‘s animated series Pacific Heat for Foxtel, other than sometime around May, 2016 – after it was delayed from a 2015 broadcast.

Still Number Four – No word yet for a third season of Utopia, as seen on ABC TV. But the series has been getting a replay on ABC.



Apr 03

Three Logie Nominations for Working Dog

Photo: Channel 10 Twitter

Photo: Channel 10 Twitter

A big congratulations to the team at Working Dog with three nominations for the 58th Annual TV Week Logie Awards.

The nominations were announced at The Crown in Melbourne today (Sunday), with Tom Gleisner on location with many other potential nominees.

The ABC dramedy series Utopia based on a government organisation with Rob Sitch in the lead role, received a nomination for Most Outstanding Comedy Program, while Channel 10’s comedy quiz show Have You Been Paying Attention? received Most Outstanding Entertainment Program and Best Entertainment Program. (Yes, both awards are separate).

Fingers crossed for some wins!

While the Working Dog team aren’t strangers to Logie nominations and wins, with three nominations and strong ratings for both shows, their chances are great.

Plus, it’s a great excuse to drag out this classic clip with the guys and girls slightly ‘under the weather’, collecting their award for Frontline in 1998.

The 58th Annual TV Week Logie Awards will be held May 8, 2016.

Apr 03

Get This 10 Year Anniversary

April 3, 2006 – Triple M Management decided to unlock the security door and give a guy who looked like the “For Dummies” cartoon a radio show. Not just any radio show – as this Comedian has had many years radio experience behind the mic and behind an office partition. But a show which is closely compared in comparison as the closest thing you’d get to having the old drive show Martin/Molloy back on air…

.. then again, it’s one half of that comedy duo.

Tony Martin was given a swipe card, a Black Thunder driver for a Panel Operator (which turned out to be a lie – he’d didn’t know how to panel), and an Audio Producer to work the pots and pans. Combine them with a billion John Howard audio grabs and the desire for tongue-in-cheek humour, plus a one hour show starting at 9am weekdays – the radio show Get This was born.


With his arms loaded with VHS tapes of TV shows and movies to source audio grabs from, plus an up-and-coming comedian/actor Ed Kavalee who was gradually becoming a household name with the support of Working Dog, the first show began just like every other new show – sounding like a professional version of Blast FM.

With the theme by The Hives – Hate To Say I Told You So the show was ready to go.

The first episode started with trying to get an idea on what the show needed in content. As Tony summarised:

The show will take gratuitous pot-shots at prominent public figures, and generally piss-fart around.

It sure lived up to that hype. With the talents of Kavalee and audio guru Matt “Pots N Pans” Dower, sketches and audio snippets galore polluted the airwaves.

In the early days of the show, Kavalee was hired – other for his sense of humour which echoed Martin’s – originally as the Panel Operator of the show. However, it was revealed that Kavalee had little skills in controlling such a thing, Panel Operator  Rob “Bear” Kidd stepped in for a few weeks. He was eventually replaced by skilled show anchor, comedy writer, Anne Wills fan-boy and Panel Operator Richard Marsland, who over the period of the show run, eventually became a prime-time player.

Also Exec Producer Nikki Hamilton and Cecelia Ramsdale and Kate “Monty” Dimond on the Phones, because it takes more than one person to drive a show.


While the first show did not have a co-host, friends and stars of the entertainment world started to appear as guests. Peter Rowsthorn was the first co-host to appear, followed by Tom Gleisner, Fifi Box, Andrea Powell, Glenn Robbins, Lachy Hulme, Cal Wilson, Santo Cilauro, Rob Sitch, Greg Fleet and many other Australian talent.  Even Mick Molloy filled in while doing his show Tough Love. Other than local, there were some major international stars dropping by, such as Futurama‘s Billy West, Weird Al Yankovic, Will Arnett, Dylan Moran, Kevin Smith and many more.

In 2006, the show had the time slot of 9am – 10am. When Get This returned for a second season in 2007, it was extended to two hours and moved to 11am – 1pm, but towards the end of the year, it was moved to 2pm – 4pm.


Phoner topics went under the header of Talkback Mountain with the wacky sound effect of a Yodeler dancing with a mountain goat, followed by the phone ringing.

Eventually the theme would evolve into other song remixes, such as X-Files, Vienna,and System Of A Down – just to name a few.

Audio grabs were used and were mainly played out of context, making it more humorous. Snippets have included then Prime Minster John Howard, Karl Stefanovic, Police Ten 7, Rex Hunt, Warwick Capper and more.


Over the two years, running jokes have been so many to list, but some stand-outs were:

  • Marsland’s addiction to Farmers Union Iced Coffee
  • Kavalee’s passion for food
  • Martin’s constant ribbing towards Triple M Management
  • Greg Fleet’s Jumperpants idea
  • Marsland singing the Vengabus
  • Trying to remember a Keith Urban song
  • Ed electricuting himself live on air by accident
  • Marsland’s Warwick Capper Calls
  • Patterson Lakes Primary School rivals
  • Rex Hunt’s address to the Nation
  • Dealing with Dickinson
  • Kim Beazley’s theme song from The Taking Of Pelham 123
  • The tampering of regular songs played during the show – Martin would have inserted grabs or a mini sketch…
  • Anything Nickelback, Big Brother, Nik Kershaw…

Seriously – there is WAY too many to mention.


Other than the podcasts available to download from iTunes and the Triple M site, in 2006 Martin released Get This: Illegal Download – a 1 CD album with a collection of best bits. A thousand CDs were produced, and given away for free to listeners who asked for them and random callers to Talkback Mountain, and are now collectors items as they were never officially for sale.  We here at Champagne Comedy also ‘preserved’ each episode of the show in full, which is now shared in various corners of the internets.. if you look hard enough.


In April 2007, the team discussed themes for months to dress up in (Borgust for August = dress up in the most pissweak robot costume), as well as wearing satiny caftans – but one made a mark – Capril. A month where the general public would wear capes while doing every day activities. A Capril t-shirt was also printed and given away. Unfortunately, a sad event would eventually be associated with Capril, which will be explained later.

When the show’s fate was announced mid October 2007 that it would be axed, a fan base turned up out front of the Triple M Melbourne studios and protested. That’s how popular of a cult following the show was. On the last episode (November 23, 2007) then radio rival from Vega Shaun Micallef joined the guys on the show, since Micallef was also axed from his breakfast show and was technically free from any conflict.


Thanks to social media, fans united in areas, mainly the Get This – Tony Martin, Ed Kavalee and Richard Marsland Appreciation Society. Here, they actively trade quotes, comments, photos, and other bits that are Get This relevant.


On December 6, 2008, the news of Richard Marsland’s passing shocked fans to the core. As more information surfaced on his death, it was revealed that Marsland had a history of depression. As a way of honoring the person who made many people laugh, Capril has developed into a permanent April feature to raise awareness on depression and to donate to BeyondBlue. You can read more on Capril at  A special podcast called “Richard Marsland Lives” was also released – a compilation hosted by Martin and Kavalee.

Today – the guys still get politely hounded with random quotes from fans, and they love the fact that the 359 episode show is still going strong after 10 years. If you’re on Twitter, drop them a line, or follow @TLSChampagne and @GetThis_Occ using #ImRichard hashtag and quote the month of Capril away.

… and I’m only scratching the surface here…

This is dizzy stuff folks!

Mar 08

Review: Who Weekly Best & Worst Dressed 1992

It was November 1992. Somewhere in between Bill Clinton being voted 42nd president of the United States and the Church of England allowing women to become priests, a copy of Australian “newsy tabloid” Who Weekly would have arrived at The Late Show headquarters.

Poking fun at celebrities was what The Late Show cast did well, and the special Who issue presented a brilliant opportunity for the satirical series. Comedians Tony Martin and Mick Molloy, armed with a copy of Who’s Best and Worst Dressed, took to the Melbourne streets and asked a slew of random passers-by who they thought were Australia’s worst dressed people.

For fans of The Late Show‘s street interview segment, there are some classic one-liners: the old man saying, “I probably would,” when Tony and Mick ask if he would wear Elton John’s garish get-up for a dare. Mick’s famous, “Deliah considers herself somewhat of a doyenne in the fashion industry.” The witty, “I wish [Dannii] would put everything she owned on at once.” Then of course, the elderly man who shouts, “Bloody Jeff Kennett!” and cycles off on cue.

But what about the magazine that sparked the segment? Being almost 16 at the time, and an avid Who Weekly reader, I of course had a copy — and I still have that very copy. So without further ado, here is a gallery featuring the original magazine content — reproduced purely for historical purposes. (The panel judging these outfits included Sylvania Waters’ Noeline Donaher and the bathmat pupper Agro, and if that doesn’t scream the year 1992, nothing will.) One of my favourite lines is, “There are no butts about her chaps. Dannii Minogue’s twin peeks are ‘frightful’.”


So there you have it, folks. It is fair to say that the early 1990s were not kind to fashion. We all seemed to wander around in baggy jeans and T-shirts worn underneath shirts (which were often also denim.. double denim, the horror!) — and this goes for both men and women. Somewhere in between powerful 80s shoulder pads and Jennifer Aniston hair, lived a kind of “limbo” era of style where people seemed to dress in the dark or wear random combinations of tops and bottoms. Thankfully, there were some exceptions to the rule. If one good thing has come out of it, Dannii has learned her satrorial lessons the hard way, and has a far better sense of style these days.

Feb 28

A Lil Podcast Guide

Lately at CC we’ve received tweets, Facebook posts and other messages in regards to whom has appeared on what podcast. Plus we try and keep an eye on tweets from the guys and girls on their appearances. But, across this big wide web of the world, it’s hard to keep track of every single appearance. So we’ve gathered a list of where Santo, Rob, Tom, Mick, Jane, Tony, Jason and Judith may turn up on a regular basis.

Subscribe to the podcasts listed below and check out what they have too. You never know who else appears in previous shows.

If you run a podcast and we’ve missed you on the list where you’ve had them on, post in the comments below, or tweet us with your link.

Note v1: Some shows may not have been updated for a while, but are still available to download.

Note v2: As radio interviews and shows are quite generic, just visit their respective website, like Triple M, GOLD FM, KIIS FM, ABC Radio, Nova, The Today Network etc…

In no particular order:

The Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy and Karl – Hosted by Tommy Dassalo and Karl Chandler.

Ten Questions with Adam Zwar – Hosted by Adam Zwar.

I Love Green Guide Letters with Steele Saunders – Hosted by Steele Saunders.

Can You Take This Photo Please? – Hosted by Justin Hamilton.

Don’t You Know Who I Am? – Hosted by Josh Earl.

Vinyl Soul – Hosted by Aiden G.

David M Green and Other Famous People – Hosted by David M Green.

I Don’t Know How She Does It – From the Mamamia Podcast Network.

The Osher Günsberg Podcast – Hosted by Osher Günsberg.

Get Your Hand Off It – Hosted by Kelly Fastuca.

The Thing Committee – Hosted by Josh Withers and Steve Molk.

MolksTVTalk – Hosted by Steve Molk.

The Shambles – Hosted by Sos, Valvo and Lynchy.

Wilosophy – Hosted by Wil Anderson.

Bookmark this page for random updates!

Jan 25

Tony Martin as FM104 “The Writer”

Thanks to Michael Coles for sharing this.

It’s well spoken of that the D-Generation have a heavy radio background, especially of one Tony Martin.

One of Martin’s early jobs after moving from New Zealand to Australia was working in Brisbane as a copywriter at FM104, known today as Triple M.

In a book published under the title What You Wanted To Know About Radio – A Career, a young Martin is featured.

TonyMartinCopywriter It now gives a whole new view on the term A Nest Of Occasionals

Dec 29

Frontline on Lateline


Thanks to Chad Lofts for searching through his VHS collection, this little wonder has surfaced on the internet.

A day after the final episode of Frontline was screened on the ABC in 1997, Mike Moore‘s twin Rob Sitch is interviewed for The 7:30 Report by Kerry O’Brien, about how Frontline was developed.

Warning: Contains skivvy-wearing.

Dec 01

Border Protection Squad Out Now

BorderProtectionSquadLast reported in 2013, Working Dog‘s Ed Kavalee has jumped over hurdles and red tape to finally release his second film: Border Protection Squad.

Written and directed by Kavalee, starring an ensemble cast of good mates, such as Tony MartinPeter Helliar, Ryan Shelton, Lachy HulmeAsh Williams, Luke McGregor, Sam Pang, Andy Lee, Josh Lawson, Dave Hughes, Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald.. amongst others… 

We are taken into the world of Border Protection Squad – the department who’s duty is to protect Australia from illegal immigrants and drug traffickers – and is also the basis of a reality TV show.

With the threat of network television pulling the plug on the show, two Agents (Helliar and Shelton) – one who is larger than life and extremely passionate with his job, and the other who is labelled ‘Pussy of the Year’ by work and his borderline-racist girlfriend, are instructed by their boss (Kavalee) and his clumsy assistant (Martin) to do their best to help save the show and their jobs – even if it involves going undercover with drug traffickers.

But how far can the guys go to create content for their job and their show? Will one permanently turn to the dark side of drug trafficking? Will they get the ratings they need to feature in the daily top 10 ratings? Will they actually bust some arse and save their relationships at the same time?

You can rent or buy Border Protection Squad now on iTunes. (HD is $9.99 – bargain!)


Click here if video does not display.


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