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Feb 27

Sports Fever! S01E05 Ratings

The caucus votes are in. It seems that the general public love the 8:30pm timeslot and a move to high definition television. So much so, that 42 000 people loved seeing Tanto, Tonto & Ted so clear and lifelike, it was almost they were in your living room. It may seem lower-than-normal ratings, there was some stiff …

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Feb 22

Sports Fever! Now 8:30pm Mondays – With A Catch…

Good news everyone! News for Snato fans! The crazy antics of sports highlighted by the trio that is Santo Cilauro, Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee will now be shown at an earlier time, instead of the bleary eyed “weekend viewer” late night time slot. Currently, the show was live on Monday nights around 10:30pm onwards, …

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Feb 21

Sports Fever! S01E04 Ratings

Well done to Santo Cilauro, Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee for getting to their fourth episode on air at such a premium start of 10:46pm. With the extra dosage of Channel 9’s cricket coverage, in which we can’t get enough of, and more soccer, we had some extra sports covered. This included tryouts for swimming in the olympics …

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Feb 14

Sports Fever! S01E03 Ratings

Source: au.tv.yahoo.com/plus7/sports-fever Sancho, Stan and Ted graced an average 182,000 television screens last night at around 10:37pm (probably an extra 1 million viewers on a two minute Optus time delay are missing somewhere). A wonderful show that if you don’t follow any type of sport, Sports Fever! makes it extremely entertaining. This week, baseball, parts of …

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Feb 07

Sports Fever! S01E02 Ratings

Source: au.tv.yahoo.com/plus7/sports-fever With a slightly earlier start of 10:40pm (technically it was 10:43pm as per my watch), the perfectly timed second episode of Sports Fever! with “Santo, Sam and Ted” raked in 200,000 late night viewers. Sure, it’s a little down from their premiere first episode last week, but… well… I have nothing. It was …

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Feb 04

Sports Fever! Article: Q&A Santo Cilauro

We just can’t get enough of Working Dog lately. 2012 seems to be their year of shows and films. Other than Any Questions For Ben (out Feb 9) and Sports Fever! hitting our screens, one more ace Working Dog have up their sleeves is Pictures Of You – a show that loosely touches on This Is Your Life but …

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Jan 30

Santo, Sam & Ed’s Sports Fever! (SSESF) S01E01 Ratings

source: au.tv.yahoo.com/plus7 Well, after a few false starts with the scheduled time (originally 10;30pm, then moved to 10:45pm, only to have Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris still teasing the kids about how their dad met their mother), Santo, Sam & Ed’s Sports Fever! finally got the ball rolling a few minutes before 11pm. The …

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Jan 24

Santo, Sam & Ed are goooooo!!!

UPDATE: SPORTS FEVER WILL BEGIN AT 10:45PM MONDAY JANUARY 30, instead of the previous 10:30PM time. Get your Diego Maradonuts out and park your bum on the lounge for a late night live show tradition you haven’t done for 20 years! Sadly, I’m not talking about The Late Show… It’s Santo, Sam & Ed’s Sports …

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Dec 13

Santo Sam & Ed TV fever

We couldn’t get enough of the crazy antics of Santo Cilauro, Sam Pang, and Ed Kavalee in 2010 for their coverage of the FIFA World Cup. Now, after popular demand, Santo, Sam & Ed are coming back to the idiot box for Santo, Sam & Ed’s Sports Fever! After a successful series on SBS, covering …

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