The Whingeing Pom is real

Thanks to Scott McPhee for giving us this image.

If you aren’t familiar with The Late Show sketch of The Whingeing Pom Bar & Bistro, check out


Boytown at the Barbican

Hi all,
Finally got to see Boytown at tonight’s screening at the Barbican in London.

A heavily-pregnant Sally Phillips came on to say hello and read a note from Mick, who gave us his best wishes. In his message he joked that he may in fact be the father of Sally’s unborn child, and he warned us that the camera added ten pound of weight (on his chin). I was tempted to raise my hand and ask if Boytown Confidential would ever see the light of day but my boyfriend was already embarrassed by the noise I was making taking this crap mobile phone picture.

As for the movie, I really did enjoy it – far better than some of the reviews on our forums at any rate! I’ll be singing their signature tune for the rest of the weekend, that’s for sure.

Oh, and the audience really loved it too … much laughter (and big cheers when Tony Martin made his appearance!). Everyone clapped at the end. is two

February 2007 marked Champagne Comedy’s second birthday; although my original Late Show page on Geocities has been online for – wait for it – more than TEN YEARS.
The fact that The Late Show still entertains and endures proves how talented the D-Gen alumni are. I’m also ecstatic that a couple of new forum members who were around my age when I first enjoyed the show are actively participating in the discussions as well – one even has created a The Late Show theme for her MySpace profile. The website wouldn’t be the same without you all!

Less music, more talk

We hope that the irreverent banter on Tony Martin’s Triple M Get This radio slot is here to stay, but the crap music threatens to take over the 2 hour slot!

If you listen to the ‘new’ Get This on TripleM, are less than pleased and would prefer the talk to stay and the crap music to go away, you can take a stand by signing the petition or emailing Triple M to complain. And to cover all bases here’s another petition.

Thankfully things seem to be back to normal for now, but we must prevent this happening again. Sign the petitions and take a stand.

Don’t forget to join the forum to chat in the members only section about this.


A couple of days ago Tony Martin announced on his new Get This slot that Alf Camilleri, the silent Late Show prop man extraordinare, has passed away aged just 54.

Forum member Steve recieved an email from a Late Show crew member who has given him permission to post some of it online.

“….Alfie was already on staff at Ripponlea when I arrived there……, he was a stage hand on Countdown, many, many dramas, and whatever else was going on.Alf had a funny high pitched voice, but nobody ever took the piss out of him as he was the most genuinely loved guy on the crew, a smart thinker, and many cast members he worked with always remembered and asked after him.

Ted Robinson, creator of ‘The Big Gig’ saw the possibility of using crew members as visual gags in phoney news breaks on the show and Alfie always obliged, these were the Jean Kittson reporting from the gulf war, Alfie was always in them. After that the Late Show started the team couldn’t resist using Alfie as Saddam, he always played it perfectly, deadpan, never breaking up on screen.

A few years later there was some downsizing at aunty, and Alf took a position at ten, working on Neighbours, but didn’t enjoy it too much I heard. He then took up a position in a car dealership on Brighton Rd, just down the road from the ABC studios…..”

Sporadic classic Late Show clip


“Photocopy your bum and bake it in a cake.” Enjoy this classic Late Show clip!

Tony Martin to take over Mick Molloy’s slot

The Sydney Morning Herald blog tells us that Mick Molloy is departing his Triple M radio slot and will next year be replaced by Tony Martin, who had a 9am Get This slot.

Making his exit in typical good humour, Molloy’s official comment yesterday was: “The relentless grind of a one-hour show has finally taken its toll. The midday starts were brutal, often playing havoc with my sleeping patterns. It’s definitely a younger man’s game.”

Presumably Molloy will find something to keep him busy in the world of film and TV interests.

Blast from the past…

Tony and Mick’s Best and Worst dressed interview, 1993 – now on YouTube


We get Get This!

Champagne Comedy has obtained a copy of Tony Martin’s limited edition CD “Illegal Download” from his show Get This!

Now, despite the fact that the CD’s title is practically encouraging piracy and subsequent mayhem I for one won’t be putting the files up on this website…


1. You Dirty Bird (28/04/06)
2. Car City Eyes (26/07/06)
3. Penis Painting (05/05/06)
4. Tom Gleisner: The Golden Mile (05/04/06)
5. Angus Sampson: Ready To Rock (20/04/06)
6. Ross Noble: Up J’Taime (21/04/06)
7. Grant Spatchcock Gourmet Pizza (02/06/06)
8. Tasty Treats (29/05/06)
9. Knife Amnesty (17/07/06)
10. Zebra Damage (08/08/06)
11. Robyn Butler: Artist’s Impression (14/07/06)
12. What’s Eating Laurie Oakes? (19/07/06)
13. Servo Bargains (14/07/06)
14. Beazley Cheese (05/04/06)
15. Craig Eagle: 10 Year Stiffy (29/06/06)
16. Sex News (23/06/06)
17. Dave Graney: Old Vinyl (07/07/06)
18. Greg Fleet: On The Buses (11/07/06)
19. Ooh Me Plums Again! (11/07/06)
20. Ed’s European Vacation (13/07/06)
21. Kevin Smith: Nerdsville (25/08/06)
22. Scott Edgar: Return To Nerdsville (09/08/06)
23. Not Having Kids (04/08/06)
24. Greg Fleet: Delivery Man 2 (01/05/06)
25. Ten A Penny (07/09/06)
26. Musical Finale (16/08/06)
27. Breakfast In Dubbo (From Lolly Scramble by Tony Martin)


Bring back The Late Show!

Tony Martin – we want you to bring The Late Show back!

Anyone share my views? Then please sign the petition…